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Relaxation for body and soul

The evening in the Hotel Wileński’s SPA is an excellent way to break away  from the daily routine. We have prepared a wide range  of beauty and care treatments  for face, hands and the whole body.

All treatments are performed on the base  of the highest quality products. Our treatments will improve skin condition and will help in regeneration process. It is the time for relax and renew, we will help you to regain your inner peace.

SPA reception:
mob. +48 506 039 198

SPA open: Mon – Sun, massages on request 1 day in advance.

Sauna (steam and dry) for hotel guests on request (from 8 am to 10 pm), so please inform the person at the reception at least 30 minutes in advance.

SPA offer


1. Reflexology massage for the feet

For people who are very stressed. It is recommended for all health and emotional problems. Massage affects all systems in the body, which improves its overall functioning. Very relaxing.

Price – 300 zł / 360 zł      60 min. / 90 min.



2. Shantala massage of whole body
Full body massage. Very slow, gentle, calming. For those who need relief. It gives a sense of security and care.
Price – 300 zł / 360 zł      60 min. / 90 min.

Packages: reflexology + Shantala
The first half of the massage is focused on the feet and receptor points, and the second on a calm, soothing massage of the rest of the body. The combination of these two techniques is very regenerating and calms down.
Price – 300 zł / 360 zł      60 min. / 90 min.

3. Lomi-Lomi Nui massage
Massage originating from the Hawaiian islands. It is characterized by graceful dance movements performed by the therapist, as well as massaging with the forearms. The masseur’s movements pass through the patient’s body like sea waves.
Price – 300 zł / 360 zł      60 min. / 90 min.



4. Deep tissue/therapeutic massage
Deep tissue massage is used to relax muscle and fascia tension. Thanks to it, the body is better supplied with blood and the tissues regenerate faster. Deep tissue massage stimulates the entire body. Indications for it are posture defects, muscle pain, tension headaches, sciatica and shoulder pain.
Price – 300 zł / 360 zł      60 min. / 90 min.



5. Classic full body massage
Manual full body massage using rubbing, stroking, patting and kneading techniques. The main task is relaxation, as well as stimulation of the subcutaneous and muscle tissue or the muscles themselves.
Price – 300 zł / 360 zł      60 min. / 90 min.


Sauna (steam and dry)

Entrance to the sauna zone for hotel guests free of charge.
Sauna (steam and dry) for hotel guests (from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.) at the customer’s request.
Therefore, it is necessary to inform the person at the reception at least 30 minutes in advance.

Sauna for outsiders:
Price – PLN 40/ 70 min./ pp.

Package for groups: > 5 people
Price – 25% discount (PLN 30/ 70 minutes/ pp.)

Our team


Reflexologist, intuitive masseuse.
Tel: 515 – 871 – 342

She has been doing massage since 2020. Her passion is to give people relaxation, relief and help in finding inner balance (massages 1, 2).



Masseur with passion for his work.
Tel: 604 – 068 – 679

He deals with the broadly understood work with the human body: from therapeutic to relaxing and ritual massages, such as the Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi Nui massage (masseges 3, 4, 5).

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Phone: 506 039 198